Juan Ignacio Rey was born on 4th of February 1984 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. He is a juggler, acrobat and clown. He trained and studied at the “Escuela Nacional de Circo Criollo” from brothers Videla. He worked at the Theater Colón, in Buenos Aires City, as acrobat on the play “Death on Venecia”. He made works on tv as a double of risk, from the Production FX. He has also performed at videos of musical bands.

He creats and performs:
*Quinteando (1999)
*Revolucirco (2001)
*Company Los hermanos Brother (2003)
*Street perform “Manic Freak, Pequeño Payaso” (2005 y he still performs)
*Colectivo Circo (summer in Villa Gessel 2008)
*Mala Praxis . He did an artistic tour around the south of Argentina called “Temporada del fin del Mundo”. (2009)
*Cambalache (it was created in 2009 y actually continues)
*The play “Los Fantasmas del Teatro” at the Theater Colón in Mar del Plata (2010).
*Barlovento circo (2013 y actually continues)
*The play Hazmereir en Vacaciones wins the prize “Estrella de Mar” (2013-2014).

He participated in a lot of street art festivals with his sole spectacle “Manic Freak little clown”, reaching six hundred shows in twelve seasons. Besides the festivals in Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica and Argentina, he presented his spectacle in Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Marruecos, Egypt, Scotland, Holland and England in a independent way. He made the Circuito Sesc das Artes and the Circuito Paulista in Brazil. He won the first place in the Festival da Rua de Povao do Barzim, in Portugal. During 2010 he participated of the Organization Payasos sin Fronteras, performing his shows in Haití. On September 2011 he worked in “Rambo Circus”, a circus in India. He also performed in the historical center of Katmandú, Nepal in 2011, on benefit of NGO.

In 2005 founds, with his family, the festival called Hazmereir in Mar del Plata city. Since that day the Fundation made a lot of donations and solidary shows. They also perform an edition of the festival every year.

With Cambalache Circus, show which tango techniques, malambo and humor circus are mixed, he made the Circuito SECS das Artes in Brazil, besides a lot of festivals.

Actually, he made tours around Argentina with Barlovento and with the Company, prepare the season 2015 in the América Theater produced by Calor Rotemberg.