Circus- Theater show

  • All audiences.
  • It can be performed in a theater or outdoors (parks, street, shools, etc).
  • Duration: 45 minutes in a theater.
                      35 minutes outdoors.
  • Performer: Nacho Rey.
  • Directed by: Javier Lester.


“El Naides’’ is a Circus-Theater show. The plot, through humor, has as its only protagonist a tramp, a homeless, an unnoticed person. The question is: What happens when a Nobody has -now- the opportunity to be observed? When the spectator arrives at the theater and sits down to watch the daily life of a tramp who has become accustomed to indifference.

“The Naides” –the Nobody-do not waste time
They gain it, on the contrary, by going around the park. They can no longer practice invisibility.
They are only what it is to look at the stars and to warm their hands with the best fire. The upside-down world does not work for them, since they do not enter the world.

Technical Rider

  • Flat Floor 6x 6 mts.
  • Minimun Height: 4,5 mts.