• FIRST PLACE 24. internationals Gaukler-und Kleinkunstfestival 2015 / Koblenz (Germany)
  • AUDIENCE AWARD Festival Bamberg Zaubert 2019 -Bamberg (Germany)
  • FIRST PLACE Klein Kunst Städtlifest Weesen 2018 / Weesen (Switzerland)
  • FIRST PLACE festival da Rua de Povao do Barzim año 2006 (Portugal)

Synopsis of the show

“A crazy eccentric, a freak, a person that enjoy vertigo, an individual in love with disequilibrium. Manic Freak is a dynamic and charismatic character, which drive only by desire finds humor in the precise moment of tension. Breaking apart traditional structures, this character moves around the stage interacting directly with the audience. By combining juggling, acrobatics and equilibrium, it manages to captivate the public, going from tenders to absurd, thus reaching latter our most sensible nature: our inner child”

Show Description

An odd trunk depicts the center of the stage. We shall see a calmly individual deciding to undress in order to wear latter a peculiar dress that characterizes it. Its face changes as well as it hear, thus mutating into a benevolent creature that decides to perform its first number: to climb a bicycle of the size of a shoe and go round the stage. But this is not the end. Once its desire is accomplished our antihero decides to carry a heavy person from the audience in its shoulders, going around the stage and fulfill its odd wish. The clown tests himself, not the public, and begins to manipulate objects. Due to the years of practice he has tamed suitably the movements of every thing. Our little clown, accompanied by its crystal balls performs a serious of routine movements where music and image build the meaning. The final number is that which compromise the clown, it’s where he gives his life away and the public finally overcome the summit of credibility. Trained and inherited by the legendary acrobat Argentino Oscar Videla, our character will perform the bottle number that portrays him. In it, the clown handstand in poor equilibrium over two chairs pilled up vertically of which its legs are based on fragile glass bottles all happening in a high structure that makes this number unpronounceable, indescribable and everlasting.

Manic Freak hand it his show loaded with subtle ideology, reminding the world that insanity has always prevail.

Technical requirements

  • Required scenic space: 6 meters wide x 6 meters long x 6 meters high.

  • Flat floor, not possible scenic space on grass.

  • Duration: 40 min.